Raise Bilingual Kids in a Monolingual Society

When I was growing up, I never even considered how to raise bilingual kids. I was born into a monolingual, English-speaking household in Walla Walla, Washington. To be completely honest, the thought of raising my kids to speak more than one language never even crossed my mind. It just never occurred to me. But after an amazing experience learning Spanish through storytelling (and later a introduction to linguistics course), that all changed. I knew that it was possible for me to teach my kids to be bilingual.

My passion for Spanish (and my abilities in Spanish) grew as I did a study abroad program in Quito, Ecuador. Due to my experiences there I became certain of one thing: I had to pass the gift of language on to the next generation.

Over the coming years I became increasingly fluent in Spanish and actually became a Spanish teacher. Through my years of studying and teaching that I discovered the “secret” of raising multilingual children.

With this blog I want to help you raise bilingual children (or multilingual!) in any way that I can. Together we’ll discuss parenting tips on how to raise bilingualĀ kids, discover how we learn languages, and I’ll give you an inside look on how my wife and I are raising our son to be bilingual. So far this has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life!

If you are interested in raising bilingual children, join the conversation! Thank you for keepingĀ us company on this crazy adventure!

Don’t Raise Bilingual Kids Alone!

Raise Bilingual Kids