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Speak the Language is currently in the editing and manuscript preparation stage of production. Please consider helping speed up the process by supporting this worthwhile project!

Speak the Language Cover

Speak the Language is a book written for parents who want to raise their child(ren) to speak more than one language. In this book you’ll learn how my wife and I are raising our son to speak English and Spanish, and share in some of our humorous (and sometimes trying) adventures. In this book you’ll also find answers to these and questions and more:

  • What are the benefits of being multilingual?
  • How do we learn languages?
  • What is the main ingredient to language acquisition?
  • How are babies different from older children learning a language?
  • How are babies similar to adults learning a language?
  • What is a barrier and how can implementing one increase your child’s acquisition?
  • Is there a right way and a wrong way to raise a multilingual child?
  • Is it too late to introduce a new language?
  • How can I succeed in raising a multilingual child if I myself am not fluent in another languages?


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