What’s Your Reason?

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One of the best ways to stick to something, to see it through, is to know why you are doing something. For my wife and me there were a number of reasons why we wanted our son to speak Spanish and English, but there were three main ones.

  1. He’s half Peruvian. My wife was born in the United States, but her is from Peru. Being able to speak Spanish with them and (other family members) is a top priority for us.
  2. I teach Spanish. I spent the better part of two decades (yikes) getting to where I’m at in Spanish. I’m not perfect, but I’m pretty good. I don’t want to have my son grow up and not speak a language he has immediate access to. Right now he doesn’t even realize he’s learning two languages–to him it’s all just language. And at 19 months language is just a hilarious combination of sounds that may or may not have meaning. It’s a game to him, which makes acquisition oh-so-easy!
  3. The future is unknown, and maybe he won’t want to move to a Spanish-speaking country. Or maybe he’ll be a doctor that helps give people in rural areas of Guatemala access to medicine. If he can speak it now, I know it will open doors for him later.

Knowing your “why” is especially important when things get tough. And in a society that places little value on speaking more than one language, raising multilingual children is anything but easy.

What’s your why? Please leave a comment and join the discussion!

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